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Meet Sophie | 23 | Sydney

Sophie is an Advertising student at UTS and a freelance ballet dancer. She spent a number of seasons at the Queensland Ballet Company in Brisbane, but put her ballet career on hold to finish her degree. Sophie began her degree majoring in PR, but quickly swapped to Advertising. “I did a couple of days at one of the mags and said, ‘This is so not for me’. Its pretty ruthless. You’ve got to be pretty out there” She is currently doing internship at a fashion agency, but says “I don’t think I want to limit myself to just fashion”.

When she’s not at uni, Sophie works as a retail assistant at Zimmerman. When asked about her style, Sophie says, ‘I don’t do op shops – it frustrates me”. She likes to mix labels and to combine old with new. She says her style “changes day to day”.

Sophie names Gail Sorronda as one of her favourite labels – with its quirky black pieces, explosions of colour, and beautiful cuts. Among her other favourites are Romance Was Born, Karla Spetic, Josh Goot, Helmut Lang, Givenchy and Céline. When asked her thoughts on the Céline parody shirts (e.g. Féline), she says ‘I’m not into ripoffs’.

As far as staple items go, Sophie can’t go past “a good denim jacket with a perfect white t-shirt”.  She says she’s normally an accessories girl, but seems to be wearing less jewellery with her new blunt bob cut.

I always have accessory envy. When I was as younger I was into earrings and… now that I have short hair I don’t wear them as much. I’m trying to get more into it.

Sophie sports a fairy floss pink coloured blunt bob. When asked about her subtle splash of colour she says, “sometimes I’ll have pink sometimes purple. I’ve got a lick of pink at the moment. I do like to experiment with colour. But I’ve always been been blonde”. Sophie says that she likes her shorter hair and that it was something that happened gradually – “I always had long hair because of ballet. So, I never really had the opportunity [before].”

Sophie grew up on the Northern Beaches but says that she never felt that her style or dress sense was ever confined to one place. “Growing up my parents always made an effort to bring us into the city. So it’s not really foreign for me. My mum was always into different labels. She’s also kind of shaped my style.” Sophie moved to Germany at 16 years old to study Ballet and spent 2 years living and working there. She did quite a bit of travelling during this time, which exposed her to all sorts of different styles and trends “when I was [in Germany], I’d have holidays and I’d visit friends in Amsterdam or Paris or Spain or England. I travelled quite a lot around Europe. ”

Sophie has a movie star elegance about her. On first meeting her, she reminded me of Edie Sedgwick. She left me with this wonderful advice from her mother, “My mum had worn red lipstick every day for as long as I remember. If I don’t have lipstick on she says, ‘Wow, you look so washed out!’.

Sophie’s favourite Bloggers include: Zanita,  Margaret ZhangInsidein Insideout and Arty Filles

Sophie, thanks for stopping by CULTURE MACHINE and participating in the Style Files! 

If you love Sophie’s style and want to see more, follow her on instagram at @sophraper


Fashion Credits
Page 1
Left: Playsuit by Emma Mulholland, Bustier by Wayne Cooper, Earrings by Poms Jewellery & Watch by Adidas Originals Right: Top by James Perse, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, Choker by Ella Maximillion & Earrings by Sarah & Sebastian
Page 2
Top by Zhou, Overalls by Friend of Mine & Sneakers by Converse
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Same as Page 1 left
Page 4
Top by James Perse, Skort by Scanlan and Theodore, Sunglasses by Ray-Bans, Choker by Ella Maximillion & Earrings by Sarah & Sebastian, Watch by Adidas Originals
Page 5
Left: Same as page 4 Right: Top by Scanlan and Theodore, Choker by Ella Maximillion
Lips throughout Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro




  • November 2013

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