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Meet Alex | 21 | Fashion Student

1. Hello… 

Hi. I’m Alex, I’m 21 and I’m currently studying Fashion Business at The Fashion Institute. As well as doing a bit of freelance styling/modelling and admin work to pay da BILLZ.

2. Where are you from? 

I’m half Greek half Kiwi, however I was born in Australia and I live in Sydney.

3. Describe your style…

Minimalist,  Off Duty Style, Sports Luxe meets Monochromatic Hippie, Lots of leather piece and I LOVE a good flat brimmed hat. I basically live in anything black, white, grey and comfy. I own only two pairs of flat shoes (white leather cons and black nike flyknit racers) and the rest are all variations of a black heeled boot.


4. Where do you shop? 

Online, online, online and since Tuchuzy launched their online store I have been checking it (and ordering things) religiously. I know what works and what fits me, so I have brands I always go to and can order online without a hitch. I think I own more Friend of Mine than most people would think is normal. I’ll never order a pair of jeans online, ever but thats fine because I literally own three pairs. American Apparel are my go-to for basics and I’ll always have a soft spot for General Pants but that is definitely an in-store experience.


5. What’s in your Itunes ‘recently added’ playlist?

DRAKE <3 <3 <3, Yeezus, Mykki Blanco (Check his instagram…seriously) and Pia Mia (don’t judge, she sings like an angel).


6. What films genres are you into? What are your favourite films? 

Romantic Comedies, Musicals, Biographies. Rocky Horror Picture Show, Crazy Stupid Love (I’m actually Ryan Gosling’s wife, he just doesn’t know it yet) and the third is a tie between Factory Girl and Walk the Line.


7. What are you reading at the moment?

It – Alex Chung, Russh, Oyster, Vogue, V Magazine


8. Tell us about your hobbies…

I spend a LOT of time on Instagram…a lot


9. What’s your staple item (clothing)? What do you take out the door with you every day?

Currently my grey marle Acne muscle tee, my Friend of Mine White Susie Blues (prior to ruining them, however that’s another story), the SOFTEST pair of cotton shorts (I think pjs are acceptable to wear outside of the bedroom) and my Alexander Wang Dasha Boots. Most days I take my Larsson and Jennings watch with me and a pair of sunnies. I try to mix it up and not wear the same item toooo much… Oh and I always, always, always wear my By Charlotte Buddha Necklace.


10. Are you an accessories person? If so, what kind? Watches? Jewellery? Hats?

Delicate rings and necklaces are something I’ll wear every day, I just got the cutest gold anklet with a bell (yes, sometimes annoying fashion is fun fashion haha). I love watches, but always simplistic and minimal. Accessories for me always need to be in the background of an outfit, not the main attraction. Unless its a hat, hats are cool.


11. How do you think your city/home has influenced your style? 

I’m a summer baby and I think that’s contributed to the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of winter clothes. It’s pretty warm for most of the year and I can still get away with wearing shorts and skirts in winter, so even though I’m freezing to death I normally do. My parents have always been really open people and they’ve let me go through all different crazy and weird phases and ways of dressing, I think that helped me find my individuality and style a lot quicker. I’m almost certain I’ve gotten all the eccentric dressing out of my system, although I’ll always have an affinity with leopard print.


12. What style advice have you inherited from your mum and/or dad?

None, absolutely none. They get style advice from me. My brother is my go-to, although sometimes we have different ideas on what looks good I’ve never seen someone rock print on print so effortlessly. He has much better style than me, he just hasn’t figured that out yet so shhhh.


13. Who are you following on Instagram? 

Pip Edwards @pip_edwards1 , Elin Kling @elinkling , Valentina Muntoni @valentina_muntoni, Alexandra Spencer @4thandbleeker , Sahara Ray @sahara_ray

Alex, thanks for stopping by CMHQ SYDNEY and sharing your style advice! xx

If you love Alex’s style and want to see more, follow her on Instagram @alexniue


Alex wears:

Outfit 1

Top: Bassike Cutaway Tank

Skirt: Friend of Mine Wolfpack Skirt

Shoes: Nasty Gal Zuri Cutout Boot

Watch: Larsson and Jennings Läder Black


Outfit 2

Jumpsuit: American Apparel Stripe T-Shirt Romper

Hat: General Pants Floppy Hat

Shoes: Alexander Wang Dasha Boot

Watch: Larsson and Jennings Läder Black


Outfit 3

Pants: Bardot Black Jeans (similar style called Steal Mid Rise)

Tank: Acne Studios Turtleneck Tank

Shoes: Zu Waltz Boot

Watch: The Horse - Polished Steel Black Band Watch




Camera // James Millynn + Yasmin Suteja
Edit // Yasmin Suteja

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