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Meet Kendall Sargeant | Sales & PR Manager for Maurie & Eve | Sydney

1. Please introduce yourself…
Hola! I’m Kendall Sargeant, 24, Sales & PR Manager for Maurie & Eve.

2. Where are you from? 
Palm Beach. I live in Sydney.. soon to be NYC.

3. Describe your style…
I’m a bit of a chameleon. I wouldn’t say my style is ever wholly trend based.. for me it’s very much about knowing the silhouettes that best suit me. I love relaxed street wear by day yet I’d wear a sheer lace something by night. I’m one of those girls who feels weird looking too ‘pretty’ from head to toe ~ I have a vintage mens XXL Denim jacket from LA & an oversized grey silk Dion Lee boyfriend blazer, one of which will generally drape my shoulders when my shorts are too short or my heels are too high.

4. Where do you shop? (online, at the markets, favourite stores)
Online, no one has time to physically shop these days (minus a 5 minute Salvos session). I do the most damage whilst in bed with a red wine. My bookmarks include; ASOS, SSENSE, Oak NYC, eBay, and I love sussing the menswear on Hypebeast.

5. What’s in your Itunes ‘recently added’ playlist?
White Denim, anything by Blood Orange. The National are my all time faves & anything Outkast from 90’s / early 2000’s is always on repeat. I was given a record player for my birthday, I’ve been spinning Fleetwood Mac & Bowie almost every night.

6. What films genres are you into? What are your favourite films?
Candy, The Beach, Factory Girl, BLOW, oh, and I actually really liked The Great Gatsby, Baz is the boss. I’ll watch almost anything.

7. What are you reading at the moment?
IT by Alexa Chung plus just bought John Varvato’s ‘Rock in Fashion’ on eBay. Worth a read.

8. Tell us about your hobbies…
I sing, in the car and on the balcony with dad mostly. I love food too, cooking and dining out. I have a tumblr which I play on every now and then (www.3blinks.tumblr.com) Other than that my world revolves around my friends, they’re my everything. Oh, and 2014, I’m learning to play the guitar. I say that every year..

9. What’s your staple item (clothing)? What do you take out the door with you every day?
Probably a tee and something denim.. my ray-bans and my black Proenza, because it fits my whole life inside incl. Jerome Dreyfuss wallet, iPhone, Calvin Klein ‘Beauty’ perfume & earphones! I also wear a tiny silver knot ring on my left hand, never leaves my body.

10. Are you an accessories person? If so, what kind? Watches? Jewellery? Hats?
Rings. Silver anything ~ generally one chunky Mania Mania piece and the rest are all fine, dainty and layered from various markets or Etsy. Sometimes a hat, but I have to be in a Hat mood.

11. How do you think your city/home has influenced your style?
I guess the ease of lifestyle on the beaches has influenced my ease of style. I dabble in colour & texture like She Made Me crochet bikinis and sheer silk skirting, but mostly I’ve grown to appreciate simple style through denim & shirting, layers of white and hints of leather.

12. What style advice have you inherited from your mum/dad?
My mum has impeccable style. She always wears a bright lip and nail. She’s tall, taller than me and she owns it better than anyone I know ~ always in long layered skirts and colourful dresses. Dad appreciates style, he will wear chinos and loud, party shirts. He just doesn’t understand price tags. Mum usually takes care of that on his behalf.

13. Who are you following on Instagram? (top 5)
@devhynes, I love him ~ music, style, everything. @chungalexa, other than her obsession with smoking, she’s flawless. @pllurr (willow smith).. yes I’m serious, she’s fresh, I have a real appreciation for her after stumbling across her instagram, @wolfcubwolfcub, because Brydie’s the boss of inspo blogs. One of my best friends @svuck, because anything she posts I could repost with my eyes closed, @purienne_ ~ Henrik captures women & things the way they should be seen through every eyeball. That’s 6, I know, sorry. You’re lucky I stopped there.

Kendall, thanks for stopping by CMHQ and sharing your style tips!

If you love Kendall’s style and want to see more, follow her on instagam @kndlsargeant 



ASOS slides @asos
Stussy tee @stussytribeaustralia @stussy
Maurie and eve pants @maurieandeve
Maurie and eve jacket @maurieandeve
Ray ban sunglasses @rayban
Gorman shoes @gormanclothing
One teaspoon shorts @oneteaspoon_
Vintage Levi’s tee @levis
Ray ban sunglasses @rayban
SKIN by nude shoes @nudefootwear
friend of mine skirt @_friendofmine_
She made me bikini top @shemademe
Dion lee blazer @_dion_lee_


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