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1. Please introduce yourself…
Hey! I’m Liv, I’m 20 and I am a stylist. I recently graduated from The Fashion Institute, which has been amazing, I’ve spent the last two years interning for the fashion teams at Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and most recently Elle, as well as working with Miranda Kerr and the David Jones Styling team. Now that I’ve finished my fashion business course and wrapped up my internship with Elle I am working as a freelance styling assistant whilst also building up my own styling portfolio.

2. Where are you from?
I was born here in Sydney. Mum is Australian and my Dad is Lebanese.

3. Describe your style…
I’d say it’s sort of that ‘sport luxe’ meets a bit of quirky grunge girl. Towards the end of high school I dressed super grunge. I lived in oversized tees, creepers, spiked chokers, ripped denim, bindis, lots of black lipstick… I guess I’ve ended up teaming a toned down version of that, with the cleaner sport luxe look that’s been showing up in international runways the last few seasons. I still wear lots of baggy tees, I have so so many ! But they are more sporty clean designs as opposed to the grungy tees I used to wear. I have lots “team tees” like my Les Plus Dores Team Philo, and my Yeezy tee by MLM Label. It’s usually all black and white for me, but I still have a soft spot though for an interesting quirky item here and there, like fluffy earrings, a holographic bag or tee, or a bold print acting as the statement piece of the outfit. Like something leopard, plaid, or paisley. I don’t wear prints that often, but if I do it’s one of those, they’re my favorites.

4. Where do you shop?
I mainly shop online from the web-stores of my favourite labels. I’m always checking Farfetch, which is where I spend my money on designer shoes – you usually find the best deals on there ! I also love Tuchuzy, both online and in-store (when I can make it out there !) and there’s always something I like in General Pants these days, so if I’m near a GP store and I walk in, I usually will walk out with something !

5. What’s in your iTunes ‘recently added’ playlist?
Ooh my ‘recently added’ is actually empty at the moment but I can tell you what’s in my ‘top 25 most played’. Lotssss of Drake… mainly tracks from ‘Thank Me Later’. Theres also some NAS, some Kanye, Gang Starr, J.Cole, Kendrick, Joey Bada$$, and of course Queen Bey.

6. What films genres are you into? What are your favorite films?
I love all those 90′s teen flicks like Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, Empire Records… But then you’ll also find me watching the X-Men movies, The Avengers, Iron Man, Wolverine haha… However, Cruel Intentions would have to be my favourite movie of all time.

7. What are you reading at the moment?
I’m seriously addicted to buying fashion magazines. There’s all my regulars… Vogue, Elle, Oyster, Russh. Then I love the heavy biannual fashion-book style magazines with pages and pages of inspiring editorial content. I’d say Dansk would be my favorite !

8. Tell us about your hobbies…
Fashion is definitely my biggest hobby, I am researching non stop for fun, which is great because it’s also my work. When you’re young and starting out and working for another stylist, if you have background knowledge about the internationals, what’s happening overseas, or just generally a good understanding of the market, you end up with more respect and credibility amongst the sea of hopefuls.

9. What’s your staple item ? What do you take out the door with you every day?
In summer it’s angular, sporty skirts in black white or grey. I have lots of wrap skirts in particular. The staple item that I wear most would definitely be my Hansen & Gretel black wrap skirt. It has this subtle perforated sporty texture and it is the most perfect, flattering cut. And then in winter, I’m all about drop crotch pants, particularly my leather ones. And then my Michael Kors ‘Hamilton Tote’ is something that comes out the door with me every day.

10. Are you an accessories person?
I am definitely an accessories person. I can’t leave the house without my Emporio Armani watch and at least a few rings.

11. How do you think your city/home has influenced your style?
Actually I don’t really think my style has been influenced much at all by where I’ve grown up. For as long as I can remember I’ve looked for inspiration far outside the realms of where I live. Whether it be from the Tumblr account I created when I was 15, or the issues of Italian Vogue I begged my mum to buy for me when I was younger.

12. What style advice have you inherited from your parents?
My Mum and I are both extremely particular, very much OCD… About everything… Hahaha. Including putting together an outfit or working out which lipstick is the perfect shade. It sounds strange in terms of fashion, because with something so creative it’s very much in the eye of the beholder. But for me, no outfit is ever just thrown on, it’s usually meticulously planned. For example, I’m crazy fussy about mixing metals. Everything I buy – bags, watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, even the hardware on a leather jacket – They must all be silver or have silver details so they can tie an outfit together and make it look polished.

13. Who are you following on instagram?
@nicolerichie, my ultimate style icons.

I also love @pierretoussaint’s Instagram feed, his work is awesome. And this cool girl called Jamie-Marie, her Instagram is @airtomyearth, she has absolutely wicked style.

Liv, thanks for stopping by CMHQ and sharing your style tips!

If you love Liv’s style and want to see more, follow her on instagram @livrah.



T-Shirt: MLM ‘Team Tee’ // www.mlmlabel.com
Skirt: Winston Wolfe ‘Mia Wallace’ skirt // winstonwolfe.com.au
Shoes: Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ // birkenstock.com.au
Necklace: Coco Liberace // cocoliberace.com
Crystal Ring: HLSK // hlsk.com.au
Star Ring: Karen Walker from @shopherstyle
Ring Set: Gwaan Jewellery // gwaanjewelry.com
Watch: Emporio Armani // armani.com/au/emporioarmani
Bracelet: Michael Kors // michaelkors.com


Top: Friend Of Mine ‘Spring Leopard Series Top’ // madebyafriendofmine.com.au
Skirt: Hansen & Gretel ‘Summer Skirt’ // hansenandgretel.com
Shoes: Alexander Wang ‘Dasha’ Boot // farfetch.com
Crystal Ring: HLSK // hlsk.com.au
Star Ring: Karen Walker from @shopherstyle
Ring Set: Gwaan Jewellery // gwaanjewelry.com
Watch: Emporio Armani // armani.com/au/emporioarmani
Bracelet: Michael Kors // michaelkors.com


T-Shirt: Adidas Originals ‘Trefoil Tee’ // adidas.com.au
Skirt: Evil Twin ‘In The Mix’ Tube Skirt // eviltwinthelabel.com/au
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Mulder’ Boot // solestruck.com
Earrings: Rosaleen Ryan on Etsy // etsy.com/au/shop/rosaleenryan
Crystal Ring: HLSK // hlsk.com.au
Star Ring: Karen Walker from @shopherstyle
Ring Set: Gwaan Jewellery // gwaanjewelry.com
Watch: Emporio Armani // armani.com/au/emporioarmani
Bracelet: Michael Kors // michaelkors.com
Stud Bracelet: Dolls Kill // dollskill.com

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