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Meet Morgan | Co-owner and Creative Director at MINC Magazine | Sydney

1. Hello…

Hi. I’m Morgan Ferguson. I am co owner and creative director of MINC Magazine.

2. Where are you from? 

I was born and breed in a small country town known as Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains, and am currently living in Sydney.

3. Describe your style…

Hmm.. My style.. I guess I’m always quite casual. I wear a lot of black. But it definitely changes from summer to winter. In Winter you will find me with a big fur thrown over me and during summer time I tend to wear lots of dresses or just throw on a big t-shirt or a singlet, and I guess my shoes are what really creates my outfit. You will pretty rarely see me with pants on. I guess my style changes from day to day, I try to put my own spin on things and I guess that really helps my in my position with MINC. My hair is so long it usually covers what I’m wearing anyway.

4. Where do you shop? 

You won’t often see me in a mall. Except to do groceries. They are too air conditioned and I get frustrated by people’s advice. I like going to a market and finding something special.

5. What’s in your iTunes ‘recently added’ playlist?

I really like this song at the moment…it’s not something I would always play, but it’s called ‘Jubel’ by Klingande. It’s got a really sexy saxophone throughout it, and I like that.

6. What films genres are you into? What are your favourite films?

I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. But I like a good documentary. I watched Black Fish at Sydney Film Festival and have probably watched it 10 times in just making my friends watch it.

7. What are you reading at the moment?

Submissions for MINC Magazine. haha

8. Tell us about your hobbies…

Being from Jindabyne, I love horse riding, snowboarding and playing in water. I’m definitely a country girl at heart. There is nothing better then learning new songs on a guitar, it’s just so therapeutic. I like to spend time with my brother and my sister, however unfortunately it pretty much only consists of Phone conversations as we are always in different places. I love dinner with friends but my life pretty much revolves around the magazine. It’s definitely my biggest hobby. I’ve even come to terms with the fact I have bags under my eyes from staring at a screen 24/7 – I’m okay with it…I have a good pair of sunglasses that take care of that.

9. What’s your staple item (clothing)? What do you take out the door with you every day?

My sunglasses are a must and usually a nice jacket comes out the door with me every time I leave my house.

10. Are you an accessories person? If so, what kind? Watches? Jewellery? Hats?

I’m not so much into accessories. My sister wears accessories and I like hers, but its too much for me. I wear a gold ring on my finger that never comes off. It means a lot to me. I also have my mamma’s old necklace around my wrist which also never comes off, and I recently acquired a beautiful dainty chain by Claire Artistides. That’s plenty for me.

11. How do you think your city/home has influenced your style?

My home definitely plays a part in wardrobe. If I’m not walking around in Gumboots, I’ll definitely be in my cowboy boots. I hate thongs – so much. I’d like to say the coldness of Jindabyne might have contributed to that, but I don’t think that’s true. I have a really beautiful acubra, and I have no doubt that’s from being brought up on horses.

12. What style advice have you inherited from your mum/dad?

Haha my mum and I have a very different dress sense. She dresses very classic and elegant. I think the most common thing mum says to me is “Go get dressed, we need to go” and at that point I’ll be dressed and ready to go. However, when i was a lot younger I saw photos of her when she was my age. One particular image that I remember – blonde wavy hair almost to her bum, she was wearing a crocheted bikini and I suppose dressing a little how I do now, and I remember hoping, one day i would look like her. She has always been very beautiful. My old man pulls out some classic party shirts when he needs to. I probably wouldn’t take style advice from dad, and apart from my sister, his advise on life is almost the only advise I will take.

13. Who are you following on Instagram? 

I follow Cara Delevingne – She looks like she has the best time all the time.
Life Without Andy – Who doesn’t want to look at babe ladies and my friends!


Cowboy boots – Vintage
Singlet – Sportsgirl
Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Dress – Vintage
Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Gumboots – Urban Outfitters
Singlet – Sportsgirl
Shorts – One Teaspoon
Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Morgan, thanks for stopping by CMHQ Sydney!

If you like Morgan’s style and want to see more, follow her on Instagram @moetownmowgli / @mincmagazine

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