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Meet Sam | Model @ EMG MODELS | Sydney

1. Name / Age / Occupation
Sam Jenkins, 21, student/model

2. Where are you from?
Currently living in Paddington, Sydney.

3. Describe your style…
I would fall into a relaxed vibe. I don’t really think about it too much. I do get people saying I resemble Billy Madison. So I guess I incorporate aspects of the 90s – well my extensive collection of bomber jackets would say so anyway. Although I love any excuse to suit up, what man doesn’t like looking sharp?

4. Where do you shop?
Online – I’m scared of big crowds, although I will walk into the occasional Vinnies if it comes my way.

5. What’s in your Itunes ‘recently added’ playlist?
The Ego – Nicolas Jaar
Another – Seekae
Love Inc – Booka Shade
Evil Friends – Portugal. The Man
Thank You – Busta Rhymes

6. What films genres are you into? What are your favourite films?
I don’t really mind as long as it’s decent, some of my favourites are:
from Dusk till dawn / Good Will Hunting / The Count of Monte Christo / Starship Troopers

7. What are you reading at the moment?
On the road – Jack Kerouac
Snowing in Bali – Kathryn Bonella

8. Tell us about your hobbies…
I like sitting in the sun drinking cider with those closest to me, but my all time favorite would be making macramé

9. What’s your staple item (clothing)? What do you take out the door with you every day?
I love a good pair of socks, even more so when they have images on them.

10. Are you an accessories person? If so, what kind? Watches? Jewellery? Hats?
Hats and sunglasses, definitely. I think it’s a sickly obsession. I counted over 40 pairs of sunglasses at one stage, and my hats are displayed in piles around my room.

11. How do you think your city/home has influenced your style?
I don’t really think of myself as much of a stylish person but I think I got some of the jist. I grew up on more of a homeless look and it reshaped subtly over time.

12. What style advice have you inherited from your mum/dad?
Not much at all, although father used to rock the crotch length adidas running shorts that come handy on hot nights. I definitely have the legs for them.

13. Who are you following on instagram? (top 5)
simpsons family quotes


Sam wears:

Look 1:

Top - Tommy Hilfiger
Jumper – Zanerobe
Pants – Zanerobe
Boots – Vintage Shoe Company
Sunnies – Lacoste

Look 2:

Jumper from unknown – bought it off a native’s back in Thailand.
Shorts – Vanishing Elephant
Sunnies – Playboy
Socks – Target
Shoes – Nike
Watch – Armani

Look 3:

Hat – Only
Shirt – Vinnies
Pants – RVCA
Shoes – Nike


Sam, thanks for stopping by CMHQ Sydney!

If you like Sam’s style and want to see more, follow him on Instagram @samj1111

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