Meet Ella | Stylist | Sydney


1. Please introduce yourself: Name / Age / Occupation
Hola, my name is Ella Murphy. I am 26. I am a Fashion Stylist & Designer. I mother the brand NOR – Men’s and Women’s leather clothing.

2. Where are you from? (heritage and current city of residence)
I am an Aussie & Kiwi mish mash by blood. For the moment, I reside in Newport, Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

3. Describe your style…
I don’t like to be predictable. I dress for my mood. Pushing the boundaries is a must – why would you want to be boring?

4. Where do you shop? (online, at the markets, favourite stores)
I’m a hunter and a gatherer by nature. My anchorage is at the markets – clothes, local food, and everything in-between. World travels facilitate my antique jewelry and precious stone addiction. Vintage and recycle-wear boutiques consume me; Arcade Vintage in Newport Beach and Di Nuovo in Paddington, especially. Online shoes and sunnies trawling rounds me out.

5. What’s in your Itunes ‘recently added’ playlist?
I hone in on albums rather than fractal playlists – currently delving deep into Hanni El Khatib, The Growlers, and Foxygen ‘s 21st Century ambassadors of Peace & Magic. A solid daily hit of Rodriguez, The Black Keys, and Bob Marley is a must. Deciphering the mood is key.

6. What films genres are you into? What are your top 3 all time favorite films?
Entering unconventional intellectual states, finds my appreciation. Cultural, non-fiction and documentary films feed my obsessive inquisition. All timers: Diarios de Motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries), Food Matters, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – of course Comedy (Jonny Depp) too!

7. What are you reading at the moment?
Book: Grapefruit by Yoko Ono
Mag: CR Fashion Book edited by Corinne Roitfeild
Staple: Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pritchard… my kind of bible!

8. Tell us about your hobbies…
I live and breathe a holistic whole foods lifestyle. Yoga, the sand and the sea, barefoot, it grounds me. Good food, raw food – sprouting, fermenting, dehydrating, I experiment daily. Spontaneous ventures. Travels off the beaten track. Mexico and my Spanish language. Friends always!

9. What’s your staple item (clothing)?
My rings – at least 10 at any given time, each signifying a magical journey.

10. Are you an accessories person? If so, what kind? Watches? Jewellery? Hats?
YES! Accessories resonate an individual’s personality, I believe. Antique, bold, eclectic Jewels and Hats sum me up. I don’t do watches; I am guided by my instinct.

11. How do you think your city/home has influenced your style?
My hair embodies all – defiant, indiscriminate, organic, al-natural. The ocean is the essence of my mind, body and soul.

12. What style advice have you inherited from your mum/dad?
One word. Quirky. Thanks Mum! x

13. Who are you following on instagram? (top 5)

Ella, thanks for stopping by CMHQ and sharing your style tips!

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Look 1:
Shirt: Easton Pearson
Pants: Easton Pearson
Shoes: Adidas
Left Earring: Venice Jewellery
Right Earring: (stylists own, original Italian silver chilli for good luck)

Look 2:
Hat: Cancer Council
Bustier: Topshop
Shirt: Karla Spetic
Skirt: Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop
Shoes: Nike
Earrings: (as above)
Chokers: (Stylists own including Mexican healing stone from Mexico City)

Look 3:
Hat: FallenBrokenStreet
Sunnies: Vintage Raybans
Shirt: Scanlan and Theodore
Skirt: Homemade by Ella
Shoes: Chloe
Bag: Original Vintage Japanese Geisha Clutch